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669. Juan Diego Caycedo
Theories of green points

Submission date: 2 January 2014


Poizat's construction of theories of fields with a multiplicative subgroup of green points is extended in several directions: First, we also construct similar theories where the green points form a divisible End(E)-submodule of an elliptic curve E. Second, the subgroup (submodule) of green points is allowed to have torsion, whereas in Poizat's work this more general case was only dealt with assuming the unproven Conjecture on Intersections with Tori (CIT). Third, motivated by Zilber's work on connections with non-commutative geometry, we construct a version of the theories of green points in the multiplicative group case for which the distinguished subgroup is not divisible but a Z-group, which we call theories of emerald points. In a subsequent joint paper with Boris Zilber we find natural models for the constructed theories.

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Full text arXiv 1401.0495: pdf, ps.

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