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137. Ehud Hrushovski, Ya'acov Peterzil, Anand Pillay
On central extensions and definably compact groups in o-minimal structures

Submission date: 1 November 2008


We prove several structural results on definably compact groups G in o-minimal expansions of real closed fields, such as (i) G is definably an almost direct product of a semisimple group and a commutative group, and (ii) the group (G, .) is elementarily equivalent to (G/G^00, .). We also prove results on the internality of finite covers of G in an o-minimal environment, as well as the full compact domination conjecture. These results depend on key theorems about the interpretability of central and finite extensions of definable groups, in the o-minimal context. These methods and others also yield interpretability results for universal covers of arbitrary definable real Lie groups, from which we can deduce the semialgebraicity of finite covers of Lie groups such as SL(2,R).

Mathematics Subject Classification: 03C64; 22E15

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